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The purpose of this program is, on the one hand, to enhance social awareness of the socio-educational action we carry out, communicating and showing our way of working, and thus get people motivated to participate in the work of the Foundation. Bringing our work closer to Reus society so that we can count on them, in the broadest sense, disseminating and explaining with quality the present task and future plans.

And on the other hand, to determine the basic and general lines of action that the Foundation marks with respect to the volunteers. Become a flexible and dynamic work and reference guide. Have the participation of paid staff and volunteers. And to be known and shared by all the people who make up the entity.

This program must allow the achievement of the objectives of the programs and projects of the Foundation, benefiting more people and with a greater impact. Also provide the training and skills necessary to properly perform their task, so that they are satisfied with their contribution and thus take advantage of all their abilities.

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