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Training is very important throughout life, which is why, from the foundation, we offer training aimed at:


Carry out training aimed at knowledge (KNOWLEDGE) of:


  • The social fabric, its problems, inequalities and resources.

  • The place of your voluntary action in all its context.

  • The institution to which you belong.

  • The fields and activities in which you can offer your time and your person.

  • The specific group to which you will provide your service.

Carry out a training aimed at skills (KNOW HOW) in order to:


  • Acquire participation habits.

  • Have effective work tools.

  • Schedule the action by interacting with the other members of the Foundation.

  • Participate in the organization and programming of activities.

  • Acquire habits of dynamization of groups.

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Perform an attitude training (SER) in order to:


  • Acquire a critical awareness of society and its transformation.

  • Deepen and grow in your motivations for voluntary action.

  • Mature your sense of gratuitousness and responsibility.

  • Reinforce your attitudes in order to complement the work of professionals.

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