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This program is intended to serve a dual purpose. On the one hand, to respond to the following general objectives of the Foundation:


  • To take care of the families from the human reception, starting from their real situation and putting the necessary resources to change it and / or to improve it.

  • Involve families in the socio-educational process initiated by their children.

  • Work on motivation among the adult members of the family unit, to train and respond to the needs of their children.


On the other hand, its specific purpose is to complete the care of children, adolescents and their families, based, in principle, on care interventions, redirected, through this Program, to carry out interventions based on the promotion, the integration, the promotion of mature relationships between its members, autonomy and, ultimately, the improvement of relations between all members of the family unit.


Also by itself, the Families Program aims to:


  • Determine the basic and general lines of action that the Foundation sets for the care of the families who come here seeking help and understanding.

  • Become a flexible and dynamic work and reference guide on how to welcome families.

  • Have the participation of paid staff and volunteers, which is necessary to optimize the fulfillment of the objectives proposed by this program.

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