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Tecnolama donates €6,000 to AFANOC and the Bara Foundation

Tecnolama S.A., the official headquarters of the Fermator Group, donated €6,000 to two outstanding associations in Tarragona and Reus. Thus, last Monday, December 11, and under the commitment of the company with its corporate social responsibility, it supported the important causes of the Association of Children with Cancer (AFANOC) and the Bara Foundation.

Several representatives of Tecnolama S.A. presented the donation in a symbolic event at the offices of the company’s headquarters to Jordi Rodríguez, coordinator of the AFANOC headquarters in Tarragona, and Mertxe Martínez, director of the Bara Foundation.

Tecnolama S.A.'s €6,000 donation was distributed to the Association of Children with Cancer (AFANOC), with the aim of supporting its vital task of providing comprehensive support to children and their families facing the difficult reality of childhood cancer. Likewise, the Bara Foundation received another €3,000 donation, which will be intended to help children and adolescents with learning difficulties and scarce resources.

Tecnolama S.A. reaffirms once again the business commitment to the well-being of the local community during the Christmas holidays. Michel Buscail, director of the Human Resources Department at Tecnolama S.A., said: “Solidarity and responsibility towards the community are fundamental values that guide our actions. In these festive times, it is an honour for us to support AFANOC and the Bara Foundation, two exemplary organizations that make a significant difference in the lives of those who need most”.

The company encourages other organizations to join in creating a positive impact on society, especially during this special time of year.

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